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Cassie D.

Cassie D - I started my weight loss journey 4 years ago. At my heaviest I was 308. In the beginning, I cut out fast food and soda and went to the gym - I lost 80lbs doing that. Not knowing how to eat properly, I started to gain some weight back. Read More

Melissa T

Melissa T - My story starts as the oldest of 3 children. I felt a lot of pressure to be perfect as a child. My weight/body type did not fit in that "perfect" category, so consequently I've dieted most my life. I joined the new well 10 months ago as just another way to try to become perfect. Read More

Amanda K

Amanda K -My the new well journey began only three weeks ago. After I visited my doctor and was told that I needed to lose some weight before I could consider becoming pregnant (for serious health reasons). Read More

Amber W

Amber W - My story all started when I went to go see my doctor for my 1 year fallow up in May of 2016. She had reviewed my lab results and at the age of 27 I was overweight and borderline diabetic. Read More

Kristen R.

Kristen R - April 2016 I started perhaps the most important journey of my adult life. After viewing photos of our family trip I could hardly look at myself; Read More

Sharon S

Sharon S. - I turned on the radio back in April & landed on a live auction… LISTENED! I bought the last “the new well 3 Month Membership” … MEANT TO BE! Read More

Casey D

Casey D. -The first time someone called me fat I was in sixth grade. Looking back at pictures from that time, I was not fat! In fact, it was the only time anyone (besides myself) called me fat. Read More

Nicole G

Nicole G. - My journey started in Nov of 2015 and 39 pounds ago. I was overweight and tired all the time. I struggled to keep up with my 3 children and I felt miserable about myself. Read More

Sue D

Sue D. - September 2015 I had lost 70lbs. but I had to quit working and go on disability because of two major health problems. In addition to diabetes, I have arthritics from the tip of my toes to the base of my neck. Read More

Darla S.

Darla S. - Prior to joining the new well, I had been temporarily successful in many different diets and “diet programs”. The problem was being able to change my habits permanently. Read More

Jean B.

Jean B. -Before I came to the new well, I cut out all bad food. I thought I was eating healthy, but had no results. When I started at the new well I was unorganized, discouraged, and unhealthy. Read More

Audry H

Audry H -My story starts back when I was a child. I was always a chubby kid and was made fun of – a lot. When I was 14 a drastic family event changed me and I started running with the wrong crowd and found a very interesting way to lose weight - methamphetamine. Read More

Amy M.

Amy M. - I tried everything....... every program from Herbalife to Weight Watchers! The new well changed my life forever! The counseling was the key for me - I needed someone to show me how emotionally connected I was to food. Read More

Sarah A

Sarah A. - I started my the new well journey just before Thanksgiving, when I was ready for a change! I needed to find a program that was going to be easy to follow and showed me results. Read More

Melinda B.

Melinda B. -I’ve lost 23 lbs at the new well and feel a 100% more confident! I’m more physically active, my lifestyle change has affected my whole family. Read More

Denise C

Denise C - My journey started back around March 2016…. I was waiting out in front of the pizza place, for the pizza I had ordered. I was right by the new well and I thought, “I should go check out what the new well is all about”. Read More

Terry C.

Terry C. - At a time in my life where everything was feeling out of control, my weight was the heaviest I've ever been. I hated myself, I hated my weight, but most of all I hated feeling absolutely helpless. Read More

Klee R.

Klee R. - It seems I am relentlessly evaluating my health and fitness, always seeing areas that need change & more focus. It is an endless battle and takes diligent determination to stay on the right path of a healthy lifestyle, but with the new well – it is possible! Read More

Bonnie P.

Bonnie P. -It’s been over two years since I began my journey with the new well. I joined because I was overweight, out of shape, out of breath and energy. I didn’t eat right, veggies “yuck” and I really didn’t drink much water either. Read More

Delia K

Delia K. - My story isn’t unusual… I have never had a problem losing weight, it’s the keeping it off part. I’ve gained and lost the same 60 lbs. over and over on various diets throughout my life. Read More

Rose N.

Rose N. - Weight loss has always been an issue in my life. I have struggled with weight since I was a teenager. Sometimes I lost the weight and sometimes I didn’t. In June 2015 I had gained weight and could not lose the extra pounds. Read More

Kate M

Kate M. - I moved to Grants Pass from Selma last June. Once we settled in, I asked my friend about a place to go swimming and she said “Go to the club and take a group class with me,” so I did! Read More

Sandee M

Sandee M. -I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I had gained quite a bit of weight and decided I’d better do something about it. I just didn’t know what. A friend recommended the new well, so I went to check it out and joined. Read More

Michelle M.

Michelle M. - My story started 25 years ago with on and off dieting, I'd lose some and gain it back and sometimes more then what I had lost. Read More

Paula C.

Paula C. - Since coming to the new well I’ve lost close to 60lbs. It’s really amazing how much it has changed what I’m able to do. I know I still have plenty to lose, but I feel wonderful. Read More

Jeanette B

Jeanette B. - 2017 is my 10th anniversary as a member at the new well. I made my 100% weight loss goal in February 2007. The consultants at the new well have kept me coming back each year with their love and encouragement. Read More

Laura B

Laura B -I've been on diets since I was 10 years old. I have lost and gained hundreds of lbs. through the years. I worked as a weight loss consultant, inspirational teacher/speaker regarding weight loss for 20 years. Read More

Tauna K.

Tauna K. - I am 41 years old and in March 2016 I decided to join the new well because a friend of mine had joined and was losing weight and loving the program! At that time, I was at my highest weight which was 305 lbs. Read More

Leann F.

LeAnn F - When I began the new well program I was injecting 90 units of insulin a day (60 in the morning & 30 at night). Back then I could not even use the stepper, I had to stand behind it and just move my feet. I can now hop up & down on the stepper while working up quite a sweat and I feel GREAT! Read More

Jeanette B

Jeanette B - I was tired all the time and by 2:30 pm I could barely get through the work day. I was the heaviest I had ever been. The new welll provided me with what I needed to reach my weight and most importantly my health goals. Read More

Elizabeth M

Elizabeth M -As my daughter turned 18 and was heading off to college, I told myself that it was time to finish losing her baby weight. Read More

Brenda A

Brenda A - Eventually, keeping up with the latest fad diet was no longer possible. Each loss and substantial gain brought frustration, great sadness and a feeling of hopelessness. The new welll has guided me in a new, healthy and permanent lifestyle. Read More

Jeanette S

Jeanette S - I am doing things here that I have never been able to accomplish anywhere else. I am doing much more then losing weight. Read More

Robin H

Robin H - I am so excited that I was able to be a role model for my son, it means the world to me. I am so happy and feel better than anyone can imagine! Read More

Janet H

Delia K - I have lost 45 lbs (32 since Mother’s Day) and dropped 3 pant sizes. Now, instead of feeling depressed, irritated, and lethargic, I’m hopeful, happy, and energetic. Read More

Brenda A

Janet H - I achieved my goal weight, feel so empowered and have the privilege of helping other ladies do the same! Read More

Steve W

Steve W - Since enrolling I have lost 50 pounds and have only 9 pounds to go to meet my goal. Both my cholesterol and triglycerides are in the normal range for the first time in years, my blood pressure medication has been cut in half. My Dr said that the program has statistically added 5 years to my life. Read More

DeAnn Y

DeAnn Y - I have lost 20 pounds and have dropped two dress sizes. It is a wonderful feeling going into the closet and trying on something that I have not been able to wear for years and have it fit or sometimes its even loose! Read More

Sarah H

Sarah H - I was not going to survive long weighing 385 pounds. The new welll had made all the difference. Instead of worrying every day about my weight, I know I have all the tools I need to make great choices. Read More

Amanda N

Amanda N - With the stress of having 2 active boys, a newborn and losing my grandmother, my weight hit a high of about 270! So far I am 60 lbs lighter and am teaching my family how to be healthier. I love the new well for so many reasons but the most important reason to me is I feel worth something again. Read More

Jessica F

Jessica F - Since I joined the new well, I’ve kicked my Dr Pepper addiction. More importantly, I regained control of my life. After the initial adjustment to a new way of thinking and cooking, my stress level drastically reduced. Read More

Elaine J

Elaine J - Greetings, oh happy day I am still below my goal weight 4 1/2 years later! I feel strong and healthy and at age 73 yrs. Thank you new well for keeping me on track and in good health. Read More

Barb H.

Barb H. - After 21 months on the new well Plan I finally met my goal of losing 100 pounds! Was it difficult? Yes, at first it was very difficult. I remember one night crying myself to sleep hungry, thinking I was never going to be able to lose weight and would be fat the rest of my life. Read More

Betty H

Betty H. -I do the program from out of town. Calling and speaking with the wellness consultants has been wonderful, they are so supportive and they have helped me stay focused on my goals. The eating plan has been easy to follow. I know I can eat this way the rest of my life! Read More

Caryn G.

Caryn G. - I have been fighting flab my entire life. My mother tells me that she had to put me on a diet when I was a baby because I wanted to eat all the time. Taunts of “fatty fatty two-by-four” from neighborhood children caused a lot of heartache along with my desire to be thin. Read More

Chris B.

Chris B. - I’ve always thought I had a weight problem. I was borderline anorexic. I thought I was fat, but I was actually underweight. With my first pregnancy I had morning sickness continuously. Read More

Debbie G.

Debbie G. - After 21 months on the new well God had let me know that I needed to listen to him. I tell everybody it has taken me 30 times to quit smoking and 30 times to lose weight. God has led me each step of the way. Read More

Debbie Mc.

Debbie Mc. -How I love to eat! My favorite pastime is to go out to a nice dinner, have a glass of wine, and spend time with my husband and friends. Most of what I do is about food. Read More

Jessica F

Delores R. - I have been fighting my weight for years. I tried every diet that I thought would work, but only continued to take the weight off and put it right back on. I was inspired after seeing the weight loss changes my friend Danielle made at the new well. Read More

Donna N

Donna N. - When I started my weight loss journey I was eating fast food too much, not exercising regularly, sitting all day at a desk, fighting some health issues, and trying to keep up with the busy schedules of 3 teenagers.Read More

Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth M. - Probably most everyone reading my story will not relate to me. I do not have an overeating problem. I grew up eating healthy food and participating in physical activities that I enjoyed. When I got married at the age of 31, I was a slim 110 lbs. Read More

Emily C.

Emily C. -I’d been hearing about the new well for years. I’d know several people that had weight loss success on their program. I’ve had friends that had worked there and I frequently went in and bought make up there. Read More

Flo N.

Flo N. - My weight Loss Journey has been going on for almost 25 years. I knew I have gained weight after my daughter was born but did not really bother me. 3 years later my son was born and more weight came on. Read More

Gail s.

Gail S. - Food is Fuel and Food is Medicine! Ask Dr. Oz and the new Before and after Gail S.well personnel who are there for you every step of the journey to wellness and a fantastic program offered! The new well made a powerful connection for me from the beginning. Read More

Harmony t.

Harmony T. - I had a desire to lose weight and had to surrender to the fact that I needed help. I have a friend that had gone through the new well program, so went to see about it for myself. Read More

Heidi W.

Heidi W. -I was not going to buy any more pants in a bigger size! It was getting hard to button my fat pants. I had heard about the new well and thought I would just see what they were all about. I joined! The next thing you know the pounds started melting off! Read More

Holly N.

Holly N. - My name is Holly and I began my journey with the new well in September 2009. I had spent the past 10 years attempting diet after diet, trying to lose the weight that I had gained through my pregnancies. Read More

Irene L.

Irene L. - I didn’t feel comfortable as a size 26. I tried a lot of other diets. They worked – temporarily, but I always gained it back. Because of the way I looked and felt, I was really uncomfortable at my daughter’s wedding. Read More

Harmony t.

Jan M. - I remember when I could see my cheeks without looking in the mirror. I couldn’t tie my shoes without being out of breath. I came to the new well when they had a promotion for health care workers. I joined and lost 27lbs in 8 weeks!Read More

Heidi W.

Jan N. -If you are ready to lose weight, get your body back in shape and want to eat healthy, this program and the professional team of experts will be there for you. Read More

Jeanenne G.

Jeanenne G. - I have been overweight for over 30 years. I was a “gonna do it” person. I’m gonna start exercising more, I’m gonna watch what I eat. But, the weight gain continued. Read More

Irene L.

Jeanne K. - My story began with a tough, life-changing event. I was devastated by betrayal at the end of a relationship. I went to the new well to make some positive changes in my life. Read More

Jo c.

Jo C. - I was weighing more than when my first child was born! This was an alarm that went off in my brain. I knew I must take control of my health and begin feeling better about myself. Read More

Karen T.

Karen T. -The new well has encouraged me to live a more healthy lifestyle with the healthy diet and exercise program. I have tried a lot of diets from grapefruit and eggs, Nutrisystem, South Beach, HCG, eat more diet. Read More

Kathy C.

Kathy C. - Most of my life I’ve never needed to diet to lose weight. I was able to eat whatever I wanted without increasing my weight. About 15 years ago I started gaining weight and needed to buy larger sizes in clothes. Read More

Irene L.

Kelle M. - I was unhappy with myself and it was affecting everything in my life. I had tried unsuccessfully to lose weight on my own. I had to do something. It was affecting my stress levels, my health, my happiness, and in particular, my relationship with my husband of 16 years. Read More

Jo c.

Kimber S. - After a long sedentary winter resulting in a significant weight gain, I decided it was time to make changes. After looking into several options for weight loss help, I chose to join the new well. Read More

LeeAnn W.

LeeAnn W. - In December last year I decided I’ve go to do something! That’s when I came to the new well. I looked at the plan and thought I can do this and I did. I followed the plan, I’m eating healthy, exercising and meeting wonderful people; Read More

Linda A

Linda A. - I heard about the new well listening to the radio on my way to the Doctor’s office for my annual physical. After seeing the Doctor I decided I was tired of being borderline with my weight and my health. I went directly to the new well.Read More

Linda D.

Linda D. - My goal when I came to the new well was to lose 25 lbs. I walked all the time, but I noticed after I hit the 50’s I could not just walk it off. The last five years it just seemed to keep adding up and when I hit the 165lb mark, I said, no way!! Read More

Lisa Z.

Lisa Z. - Before I joined the new well I was flirting with a size 18. I weighed 189 lbs. I was not very happy with my weight or the way I looked. Since joining, my outlook on life and my self confidence have drastically changed for the better. Read More

Lori H.

Lori H. - Thanks to the new well my health has greatly improved and I am going to reach one of my goals in life. I want to be healthy enough to play with my grandkids some day. At the rate I was going that was not going to happen. Read More

Mary Jane P.

Mary Jane P. - Weight gain just snuck up on me through bad eating habits and constant desserts at work. After a fun-filled weekend of shopping with long time, healthy and trim girlfriends, I said enough is enough. It’s been almost a two-year process that I’ve lost a total of 50 lbs.Read More

Michelle G.

Michelle G. - I began my weight loss journey when I was my heaviest weight at 251 pounds. I won a competition at work and then when the competition was over I realized my thinking hadn’t changed and I was not motivated to continue to lose weight. Read More

Misty C.

Misty C. - Joining the new well has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have decided that at this point in my life, 30 years old, its time to really kick my butt into shape and change my entire lifestyle. Read More

Lori H.

Nancy R. - I’d gone through life without a weight problem. But as I aged and my hormones and metabolism changed, I began gaining. In December of 2010, my brother passed away from heart disease. He was only 54 years old. Read More

Pat N.

Pat N. - When I married for the second time I weigh 95pounds. Not bad for having two children right, well I would have said that. Then things began to change for me. I started to put on weigh and I mean not just a little, I went from 95 to 160. I didn’t want to get on a scale because I was afraid of what it would say.Read More

Pat R.

Pat R. - My goal to lose weight and live a better lifestyle all began after I had a total knee replacement. I had never weighed this much, and it was getting a little scary. After years of taking care of others, I decided it was time to take care of myself. Read More

Misty C.

Robin D. - Eleven months ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol and was a borderline diabetic. My doctor prescribed blood pressure medicine and continued to monitor my cholesterol and blood sugar levels before she decided to put me on more prescriptions. Read More

Lori H.

Robin H. - I have always had a weight problem. The last 5 years have been a struggle. I have overcome a lot of things, from abuse to eating disorders, and I am proud to say that slowly but surely I have become a better and stronger person. Read More

Pat N.

Sande C. - I have been working out at Club Northwest since 2010, but decided I needed some support to lose about 20lbs so I joined the new well. I was skeptical of the circuit but decided to do only that for strength (I still did cardio in the club) and see how it worked for me.Read More

Pat R.

Sara H. - I grew up the fat kid; I was over 200 pounds by the time I was 12. I struggled with self esteem a lot. I often wondered why me? I didn’t think I ate enough to be as large as I was, but by the time I was 18 years old, I was so unhealthy I had a near death experience. Read More

Lori H.

Serena M. - I did nutrisystem to lose weight after my first child. I suffered through eating cardboard meals and meat dishes with so many preservatives it could sit in my pantry for weeks. Read More

Misty C.

Sara H. - Ten years ago, I got a pair of sweat pants that were so comfortable. Soft material, washed well, they were the kind of thing that you would come home from work and throw on because it felt good to be out of your stockings. Read More

Sharla C.

Sharla C. - After being diagnosed with breast cancer five and a half years ago, I was advised to take a prescription drug as part of my treatment. One of the side effects of this drug is joint pain. Read More

Shilo G.

Shiloh G. - Today, when I look in the mirror, I see a better me. I see health, happiness, and potential. Today I have confidence and I know that I am capable of accomplishing anything. Transforming my body from a size 26, weighing 245 pounds to a healthier 168 was a life-changing journey. Read More

Shirley B

Shirley B. - I had been trying to lose weight for years- I was down at Fashion Bug when the new well was there with information about the program. I placed my name in to a drawing they were doing and my name was drawn out, I came to find out about the program. Read More

Shonna Z.

Shonna Z. - Six months ago, my reasons for losing weight were very different than they are now. Back then, 78 extra pounds had pushed my cholesterol to dangerous levels and had me teetering on the bitter edge of diabetes. Read More

Stephanie D.

Stephanie D. - My name is Stephanie and my story is, simply put, about food. I love food. I learned at an early age the art of cooking and, well, eating! By the age of 16 I was considerably over weight for my height. Read More

Shilo G.

Sue H. - I think all women have experienced this at one time or another. We are the nurturers, the mothers, the wives, and everything else in between. So when the time comes when we decide to put ourselves first, we waiver. Can I afford it? Do I have the time? Will I succeed? Read More

Shirley B

Teya M. - I was 24 and I realized I had to do something. At 5’ 7”, I was 253.5 pounds, I had high cholesterol and my blood pressure was off the charts. Read More

Shonna Z.

Virginia H. - I started the new well program about 5 years ago. I was new to the area and needed to meet more ladies. I was a size 14, looking at moving to a size 16. Within a short period of time I was back in my size 12 pants and still am! Read More

Shawna G.

Shawna G - Six years ago I began my journey at the new well. I was getting older and it was time for me go get health. I reached my goal weight and regained the energy I had lost. Read More

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